BBS Division has acquired a wide experience in the production and maintenance of both marine and terrestrial boilers and steam generators. Each system is made-to-measure in accordance with the specific requirements of each individual customer.


BBS Division is your ideal partner for marine heat generators and boilers. Its technical, highly specialized staff is able to support customers during all operation phases, from system engineering to aftersales service.

With reference to marine heat generators and boilers, BBS Division focuses in particular on safety, which is crucial for sea and river water, in order to make sure that customers work in confidence.

Our engineers of the R&D department monitor all technological developments in our specific sector in order to be able to make innovations in line with the market and the requirements of each individual customer. 


BBS Division has a wide range of boilers, steam and overheated water generators, thermal oil heaters, smoke recovery systems, autoclaves, economizers for the production of hot water and multifunctional expansion tanks and is therefore able to meet all the requirements of the terrestrial sector.

The systems offered by BBS Division may be used for many applications, including heating and sterilization after rinsing. Customers can rely on the constant support of our technical department, available during all phases of the creation of terrestrial boilers and steam generators, from the engineering/startup phase to the aftersales service. 

In order to meet the specific requirements of the sectors dealing with very high temperatures, BBS Division offers not only boilers and steam generators, but also thermal oil heaters which are particularly efficient, safe and stable even at temperatures exceeding 300°.

The R&D department constantly focuses on the search for the best solution to guarantee energy efficiency and environmental protection. All systems engineered and manufactured by BBS Division are to be seen in this context. This is the case of our smoke recovery systems which make it possible to generate energy from combustion waste.