DOM – Diathermal horizontal oil boiler marine

DOM models are thermal oil heaters. Internal coils are fed by the circulation pump.

Mineral oils with following properties are recommended:

  • maximum allowable film temperature at least 50°C higher than oil outlet temperature from heater
  • high resistance to oxidation at temperatures over 60/70 °C (do not let the temperature in the expansion tank exceed these values)
  • resistance to ageing
  • low vapor pressure
  • high specific heat
  • high thermal conductivity
  • low viscosity
  • non-scouring characteristics
  • non-toxic characteristics
  • high flash point
  • low slip point
  • Syntetic oils can be used too

Our DOM thermal oil heaters have been designed in order to guarantee:

  • high efficiency (in the range of 88%) due to large heated surface
  • three smoke passes design
  • easy maintenance and service due to completely openable front/rear doors also allowing easy change of the coil

The oil temperature is controlled with temperature sensor connected to an electronic oil temperature controller; in  case of high temperature the burner is switched off.

  1. Corpo caldaia / Boiler / Generateur / Cuerpo caldera
  2. Portellone / Front door / Hayon Frontal / Puerta anterior
  3. Piastra sostegno bruciatore / Burner plate / Plaque de brûleur / Placa del
  4. Spia controllo fiamma / Combustion control / Contrôle de la combustion /
    Control de la combustión
  5. Uscita fumi / Smoke outlet / Évacuation de fumée / Evacuación de humos
  6. Pressostato differenziale / Differential pressure switch / Différentiel
    interrupteur de pression / Presostatos diferencial
  7. Manometro / Manometer / Manomètre / Manómetro
  8. Gruppo di scarico / Discharged unit / Unité de décherge / Grupo de descarga
  9. Targa dati / Name plate / Plaque / Placa de datos tecnicos
  10. Quadro elettrico / Electrical panel / Panneau électric / Cuadro eléctrico

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