2PV – Two passes of smoke steam boiler vertical execution

The steam generator mod. 2PV  is a single block generator with two smoke circuits, vertical execution.

It is provided with pressurized combustion and works fully automatically. It is supplied “packaged”: it is complete with all accessories. The supply includes the generator itself and the following auxiliary components:   

  • 1 primary feed pump
  • 1 electrical control panel
  • 2 level indicators
  • regulation and safety devices
  • valves and accessories

All these components are pre-mounted on the generator or on its base.

The generator basically consists of a boiler including the shell, pipe plates, the combustion chamber and the smoke pipes.  

The shell is equipped with small blocks for steam intake, safety valves, the manometer, pressure gauges and a conductivity control probe, if necessary. There is also a maintenance hole, a handrail and lifting eyebolts.  

The pipe plates (upper and lower) are flat, welded on the plating and are provided with holes for inserting the smoke pipes.  

The combustion chamber is cylindrical, open at the bottom.

The smoke pipes, which are welded on the pipe plates, are located around the combustion chamber. 

The inside of the boiler and all accessories are accessible for cleaning and maintenance. They can be inspected both by users and the body responsible for controlling the generator. 

The unit is provided with all safety accessories, as established by the regulations in force.  

The pressure and the water level can be adjusted from the electrical panel which enables automatic operation. Three electrically and mechanically independent devices are used for controlling the make-up pump and signaling the lack of water.  

All devices are already connected with the hydraulic and electrical network. 

Standard design pressure: 12 bar
Boiler capacity from 1.000 kg/h to 5.000 kg/h
Bigger capacity and design pressure on demand

BBS DIVISION reserves the right to make the changes it deems necessary to improve production.