CSTMO – Coil steam generator marine horizontal

CSTMO once trough controlled circulation steam generators fall into the limited capacity category. In addition to the classic benefits of controlled circulation generators, including fast pressurization, total safety against the risk of rupture/boiler explosion, etc., our CSTMO generators are characterised by:

  • Horizontal layout, both with three smoke passes.  Steam generator can be manufactured too in vertical execution without any problematics.
  • High efficiency (90,5%) thanks to the high exchange surface area
  • High steam quality ,high steam title  (dry steam) thanks to the execution with variable cross section coil, to our special steam/water separator, and to the facility for fine regulation of the water pump flow rate.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the hinged front door and rear door, which are fully operable for cleaning purposes or removal of the coil (for horizontal models up to 200 inclusive). For Horizontal boilers, combustion chamber can be inspected too, opening back boiler door, removing refractory plug cone.

For vertical execution bolted upper door fully fully operable for cleaning purposes or removal of the coil

  • Immediate assistance service, thanks to the use of primary brand commercial burners. On-the-spot after-sales service.
  • Steam capacity: from 200 to 5000 kg/h. bigger capacity o demand
  • Standard pressure: 12 bar.

BBS DIVISION reserves the right to make the changes it deems necessary to improve production.