SPEG – Smoke passes exhaust gas economizer

The exhaust gas steam boiler is specially designed for marine applications. The boiler is made of vertical smoke tubes, 100% water cooled, with steam chamber on the top. Steam is produced at saturation water temperature.

The SPEG  steam boilers have been designed together with the most qualified experts in the marine field in order to guarantee:

  • easy maintenance, due to easy access to smoke tubes thanks to the manholes and hand holes
  • quick assistance, due to a worldwide net of agents, distributors and service stations
  • easy cleaning of the smoke tubes from the top of the boiler with cleaning brushes (no water cleaning system is necessary)
  • vertical lay-out in order to optimize space consumption

OPTION: The steam working pressure is maintained with an electronic steam pressure controller; a modulating signal is provided to open the external separated “T” piece damper (loose supplied), operated on the basis of the steam pressure. The movement is progressive, motor controlled, with handle for safety manual operation. With this configuration, smokes flow can be divided either through external by-pass pipe (out of our scope of supply) or through smoke tubes. Connection to steam boiler can be completely by-passed and therefore minimum steam production is zero.

OPTION: The steam boiler is designed for the use with external dumping cooler that cools down overproduction of steam.

BBS DIVISION reserves the right to make the changes it deems necessary to improve production.