BBS DIVISION Industrial and marine boilers, burners, spare parts & services

Over the years BBS Division has acquired a deep technical knowledge of all possible aspects concerning industrial and marine boilers. Our specialized system startup personnel guarantees that all problems in connection with thermal power plants and spare parts are solved. 

Through BBS Service our BBS Division focuses on customer satisfaction in all phases of its customer support. Our technical support before, during and after sale is guaranteed by made-to-measure solutions which make your investment hold onto its value over time. 

Strengths of the customer support service of BBS Service

  • Made-to-measure solutions: we analyze our customers’ problems in depth and develop and offer made-to-measure solutions which guarantee effectiveness, quality and a longer duration of the systems.
  • Specialized consultancy: in addition to the production, installation and maintenance of industrial and marine boilers, we offer our consultancy services in order to detect possible critical points of the heating systems and develop suitable solutions.
  • Maintenance: BBS Service acts promptly and repairs the  refractory walls and insulation materials of all pressurized vessels, marine boilers, burners and heating systems,  both  at shipyards and at sea as well as  valves and pumps of any leading market brand. We also deal with boiler regulation and repair.
  • Reconditioning: BBS Service reconditions second-hand terrestrial industrial boilers and issues the relevant certifications at the end of the reconditioning work. 
  • Water treatment: correct water treatment is crucial for perfect operation of the whole steam production system. BBS Service carries out a preventive water treatment and chemical conditioning in order to avoid incrustations, corrosion and structural failures resulting in unplanned downtimes.
  • Original spare parts. We can deliver all original spare parts for industrial and marine boilers and burners within 24 hours all over the world.
  • Generator commissioning and startup.
  • Analysis of combustion: BBS Service analyzes combustion and controls the level of emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Reduction of energy consumption and costs: our certified BBS Service maintenance programme guarantees a longer duration of the system and the reduction of energy consumption and costs as well as costs for extra-ordinary maintenance.


Our experienced BBS Service team is certified and therefore qualified to adjust and replace all types of equipment supported by any types of boiler. Installation is optimized by the use of PLC systems.


BBS Service offers high-level services for the repair and overhaul of refractory walls and insulating materials of all types of generators and boilers. The service can be supplied both at the customer’s premises and in the specialized departments of BBS Division.


BBS Service has a team of experienced certified and licensed welders who repair all types of pressurized vessels (WPS, PQR, WPQ and SWPS). Maintenance can be carried out both on the spot and at BBS Division.


BBS Service works worldwide: it offers its support and repairs marine boilers, burners and heating systems both at  shipyards and at sea. The engineers belonging to the BBS Service team have many years of experience in the installation and maintenance of steam and thermal oil boilers. Our worldwide support centers offer their services for the heating system installation and startup and give their advise in order to optimize the effectiveness of boilers and reduce costs and consumption. 


BBS Service is specialized in the reconditioning of second-hand boilers. This operation includes the rearrangement of pipes, the conversion of terrestrial industrial boilers to a “72 hour” operation mode, equipping electric panels by installing PLCs, the installation of remote monitoring systems and the electronic micro-modulation of burners as well as constant 02 monitoring. The reconditioning of second-hand boilers includes chemical cleaning on the smoke and water side and the installation of economizers and combustion air pre-heaters. At the end of its work BBS Service issues the relevant certification.



BBS Service believes that correct water treatment is crucial for effective operation of the whole steam generation system. Incorrect water treatment can result in incrustations, corrosion and structural failures. These problems can be avoided by a correct preventive treatment of raw water and suitable chemical conditioning of the steam/condensation circuit.


BBS Service supplies spare parts and offers its support for the following brands:

  • Alweiller;
  • Ksb;
  • Calpeda;
  • Grundfoss;
  • Wilo;
  • Intermpump;
  • Speck.


BBS Service is specialized in the startup and maintenance of the following:

  • smoke tube steam generators
  • water tube steam generators
  • once trough steam generators
  • natural circulation high pressure boilers
  • thermal oil boilers
  • hot water boilers
  • economizers and heat recovery systems for the production of hot water, steam and thermal oil


BBS Service is specialized in the regulation of all types of burners. This includes the control of emissions into the atmosphere on the basis of the fuel used: HFO-MDO-MGO-LPG or natural gas. BBS Service carries out a detailed and complete analysis of combustion using certified electronic tools.

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